Monday, February 3, 2020

Showing all lease messages inline, for consistency

In Orbeon Forms 2017.2 we introduced the lease feature, which is useful in cases where you need to have multiple users edit the same form data, and want to ensure that only one user does so at a given time, this to avoid any risk of conflicts with concurrent edits.

We would not want users to be able to lock form data forever, so Orbeon Forms only grants users the right to edit form data for a given, configurable, period of time. Hence the need, when this feature is enabled, to inform users:
  • When editing the document: of how much time left they have left, with an option to voluntarily relinquish the lease, and if the lease is about to expire, if they want to continue to edit the document, thus extending the lease.
  • If the lease has expired: that they lost the lease, with an option to request it, in case nobody acquired the lease in the meantime.
  • If another user has the lease: that they can't edit the document, and who that other user is.

Previously, some of those messages were shown inline, in an area at the top of the form, while others were shown in dialogs. Since Orbeon Forms 2019.2, all the messages are shown inline for greater consistency.

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