Monday, March 9, 2020

Obtaining your data's status from JavaScript

We regularly add new APIs (application programming interfaces) to Orbeon Forms. Those fall into two categories:
  • server-side (exposed as Java or HTTP)
  • client-side (exposed as JavaScript)
The client-side API so far exposes functions as:
With Orbeon Forms 2019.2, we introduced a new JavaScript Form Runner API to indicate whether the form data is safe or not. We also call this information the data status.

By default, form data is considered safe if it's been saved to a database. This can also be controlled explicitly using the set-data-status action in a process.

If you have a custom client-side script that needs to interact with your form, knowing that the data is safe can be useful information. For example, this might allow you to allow the user to navigate away from the form or to close it.

This API consists of an easy function call. See the documentation for details.

We hope you will like this Orbeon Forms 2019.2 feature.

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