Thursday, July 30, 2020

Introducing the JavaScript Embedding API

You can embed forms created with Orbeon Forms:

However, if you were not using Liferay and if your app wasn't written in Java, you were left to figure how to do embedding on your own. Through the years, a number of our customers have done just that, but going through this trouble just added unnecessary complexity. And this is why we are introducing, in Orbeon Forms 2020.1, a JavaScript embedding API.

When using the new JavaScript embedding API, as suggested by the name, embedding is done from the browser, which means that it doesn't depend on any particular server-side technology. Whether your app uses .NET, PHP, or any other technology on the server, you can use JavaScript embedding API.

If you have a case calling for forms to be embedded in your website, we hope you will find this new feature useful, and you can find more information about this API in the documentation.

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