Thursday, August 27, 2020

Reloading resources for your form

Say you are overriding built-in resources:

  • because you'd like a button to be named differently,
  • or because you are localizing Form Runner in a new language,
  • or for some other reason want to change resources.

Then you might have noticed that your changes are not immediately taken into account, and you need to restart Tomcat, or other servlet container, before you can see your changes.

This is because, since resources don't change in production, they are aggressively cached by Orbeon Forms. However, if you're doing one of the aforementioned activities, having to restart the server to see changes done to your resources certainly isn't ideal.

Fortunately, since Orbeon Forms 2019.2, you can invalidate Orbeon Forms' resource cache for a given form, this from the Form Runner home page, by selecting the relevant form(s), and choosing Reload resources in the Operation menu.

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