Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Enhancements to grids

Grids are among the most powerful features of Orbeon Forms. With Orbeon Forms 2021.1, we are improving grids in two ways.

First, the Grid Settings dialog now shows the number of grid rows in the grid. This parallels the number of grid columns, with some differences.

Grid Columns Grid Rows
12 or 24 arbitrary
set in dialog set in editor area
view in dialog view in dialog
Number of grid rows
Number of grid rows

Second, for repeated grids only, an option allows you to automatically show a row number at the beginning of each grid repetition. You enable this in the Grid Settings dialog as well.

Enabling showing the number of grid rows
Enabling showing the repetition number

The number automatically shows to the left of the grid and updates as the user add or remove repetitions.

Number of grid rows
Repetition number

We hope you will like these enhancements to grids!

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