Monday, June 6, 2022

Quickly navigate to fields in large forms

When editing a form in Form Builder, you might want to make a change to a certain field, but, with large forms, just locating the field in the form might turn out to be more time consuming than you'd like it to be. If you know the label for the field you're looking for, and all the sections are opened in Form Builder, you can use your browser's search feature (ctrl-f or cmd-f). But if you only know the field's name, for instance because you saw it referenced in a formula, or you keep many sections closed, the browser's search won't help.

For this, Orbeon Forms 2021.1 introduces a new feature: Search Controls, which you access with keyboard the shortcut ctrl-j on Windows, Linux, or ChromeOS, and cmd-j on macOS or iPadOS. After you select a field from the dropdown, the dialog will close, the browser will scroll up or down to the field you selected, and if the field was in a closed section, then Form Builder will open that section.

You can also check the Open Settings Dialog checkbox if in addition to navigating to the field you'd like Form Builder to directly open the Control Settings dialog for that field. If opening the Control Settings dialog is what you do every time you navigate to a field, you can check that box, it will stay checked, and will save you from having to do an additional click every time you navigate to a field.

For more on this feature, see Quick control search in the documentation.

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