Thursday, January 5, 2023

Improved selection of multiple items

Now that Orbeon Forms 2022.1 is released, let’s cover some of the new features of the release, starting in this post with a couple of simple but useful enhancements.

The Orbeon Form Runner Summary page and Forms/Admin pages (previously known as the Home page) list and link to form data or published form definitions, respectively. Each allows you to perform operations on one or more rows, such as deleting, publishing, etc. In both cases, you select one or more rows of data using checkboxes. When performing an operation on multiple rows, it is useful to be able to quickly select a series of rows. Until now, this required you to click each checkbox individually.

To help with this, we have implemented two new features:

  1. Summary page: we added a new quick selection menu.
  2. Across the board: you can “shift-click” checkboxes.

The Admin page already had a menu to select items in some categories. The Summary page now has a similar menu:

Selection menu
Selection menu

If you are familiar with for example Gmail, you might know that you can select a checkbox, and then shift-click another one, and all the checkboxes in the interval will be selected. Similarly, you can deselect a series of checkboxes. The exact logic is a little subtle, but we implemented something very similar in Form Runner.

Shift-clicking on checkboxes
Shift-clicking on checkboxes

The good news is that the ability to shift-click doesn’t only apply to the Form Runner Summary and Forms/Admin pages: it applies to any repeated checkboxes, as well as to the Checkboxes form control.

We hope you will find this Orbeon Forms 2022.1 feature useful!

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