Friday, April 28, 2023

Support for multiple email templates in Form Builder

When a form is submitted or another action is performed on it, you might want to send an email. This could be a confirmation message to the user who submitted the data, or you might want to inform someone that new data has been submitted and requires processing. Form authors can define what these emails look like and who they are sent to using an email template. As the name suggests, the template can have placeholders that get filled when the email is sent, for instance, with values entered by users in the form.

Up until version 2021.1, Orbeon Forms supported only a single email template per form. Starting with version 2022.1, we removed that limitation, allowing you to have as many templates per form as you'd like. This enables you to create different templates for various languages or have a template that informs users their data has been received and another template to email the person who needs to process the data. Additionally, if your form is used to implement a workflow, you can have different templates, for example, to notify a user that their request has been accepted or rejected, which opens up numerous possibilities for implementing workflows with Orbeon Forms.

We hope you'll find this useful!

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