Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Customizing Form Runner messages directly from Form Builder

Orbeon Forms allows you to override and customize messages by using configuration properties. For instance, you can customize the message displayed when a form is saved successfully by setting the*.* property.

Starting with Orbeon Forms 2023.1, you can now customize Form Runner messages directly from Form Builder, using the new “Messages” dialog available from the “Advanced” tab in the toolbox.

Messages dialog
Messages dialog

This is more convenient than doing it using properties, especially when the customization applies only to a single form, or when different customizations are needed for different forms.

Here you can specify messages for the different languages supported by your form. You can set the predefined messages, but also custom messages that can be reached through the success-message() and error-message() actions.

For more, see the documentation.

We hope you will like this enhancement, which will be available later this year in Orbeon Forms 2023.1!

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